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birthday party decorations | table centerpiece for party | simple birthday wishes

birthday party decorations | table centerpiece for party | simple birthday wishes

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Make your celebration truly memorable with our personalized birthday table centerpiece. This unique decoration adds a fun, handmade touch to your table setting, making the honoree feel extra special. Each centerpiece features fill-in-the-blank prompts that allow you to personalize it with fun facts, a photo, and favorite memories, turning it into a cherished keepsake of the day.

Easily customize this centerpiece by filling in the prompts or let your guests add their own answers for a unique twist. Use the prompts to highlight favorite activities, quirks, and memorable moments, making each centerpiece a focal point of your celebration. Incorporate it into your floral display with a table number holder or stack it with the guest of honor’s favorite items like books, magazines, or hobby supplies to add a personal touch to your decor.

Available in classic grays, whites, and silvers, or vibrant rainbow colors, this centerpiece stands 5.75″ tall and ships flat for easy assembly. Simply remove from the package and bend into shape to enhance your party with a meaningful and stylish decoration.

8 panels::
Happy Birthday
Three things to know...
(place photo here)
best features/weird quirks
The perfect pizza...
best getaway / best time of day
Favorites (place, song, tv show, holiday treat, food, activity, animal, word, drink, book, movie, creature...)

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