Making a connection beyond typical small talk brings great joy to your day.

You can barely suppress a smile knowing someone is thinking of you, and you relish in the fact that they want to share a moment just with you.

Maybe you’re not “crafty” or a Writer, but recognizing important days and events is satisfying.

Feeling connected and a part of something brings a smile to your day – I love helping make that happen.

megan spindler sitting out in the back yard with sunglasses perched on her hair

I create table centerpieces, greeting cards, and designs that get people talking at your event. Clients send me notes excitedly saying they were the hit of the party and they had to be sure and grab one before they were gone.

My inspiration comes from architecture, nature and the people I meet. These are all my paintings, sketches, and artwork.  With the exception of foil prints and stickers, everything is proudly designed, printed, and assembled in my Wisconsin studio, so small, personal runs are no problem.

It’s human nature to desire that feeling of belonging.

To experience that delight and spread that joy to someone else in your life, browse the shop to find something personal + memorable today.

Share moments in life everyday.


Artist Bio 
Megan Spindler explores different materials and mediums from architectural space to digital design to painting. After earning her Master of Architecture degree, she obtained her licenses as a Wisconsin architect and elementary educator.  She is often gathering + collecting + curating and processing information.  Part of the creative practice involves writing, as purposeful and thoughtful word choice informs her pieces. Mixing handmade elements with technology, Megan finds beauty in color, texture, and layering.  Her work examines connections - both the relationships and the tangible items that represent those connections. She believes in celebrating everyday moments, filling the table with stories, and sending laughter, joy + smiles to others through paper mail and art.