Collection: Animals Collection

This unique fusion of hand-drawn animal portraits and vibrant splashes of alcohol ink are all beautifully printed on tree-free cotton. This collection isn't just about showcasing artistic excellence—each piece also carries a powerful message, captured in colorful foil value statements designed to inspire and uplift.

Each artwork in this collection is more than just a visual delight; it's a call to embody these powerful values. The combination of delicate pencil drawings and bold alcohol ink creates a striking contrast, enhancing the beauty and significance of each piece.

Printed on sustainable, tree-free cotton, these pieces not only celebrate the animal kingdom and its virtues but also honor our commitment to the environment. The colorful foil value statements add a final touch of elegance and meaning, making this collection a perfect blend of art and inspiration.

Join us in celebrating this unique collection and bring home a piece that resonates with your spirit and values. Let these artworks be a daily source of inspiration, reminding you to live courageously, persistently, kindly, inquisitively, exceptionally, and with integrity.