The most memorable parties are personal.

I find the stories that spark conversations and turn them into keepsake table centerpieces for events.

Leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of your guests.

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    A hit for multiple birthday celebrations!! I used this as a centerpiece on the table at an expensive restaurant with friends and then at a party with family at home. Everyone loved reading about the trivia! Thank you!!


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    These turned out great and were a huge hit at the surprise bday we had! They made great table centerpieces.


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    I loved 100% of this item!! 10 stars. It was exactly as pictured. The color was perfect and the owner was very gracious with me and all of my questions. She went above and beyond and for that I'm grateful.


Milwaukee, WI and Madison, WI based
Available Nationwide

Megan's work is housed in private collections worldwide.