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Dear Retail Partner,

Making a connection beyond typical small talk brings great joy to your day. You can barely suppress a smile knowing someone wants to share a moment just with you.

Our cards feature beautiful, hand-painted artwork paired with uplifting, heartfelt sentiments. These messages inspire connection, offering a prompt for the sender to write well wishes inside. Whether it’s a thank you, celebration, or thinking of you note, our cards provide the perfect canvas for your customers to express their unique thoughts tailored to the the occasion.

The versatility of our designs ensures they can be used for a multitude of occasions. This multi-purpose approach ensures your customers always have a sweet message ready to share when they need it most. The truly kind and timeless wording allows the sender to add their personal touch, even if it’s just one earnest sentence and a signature, fostering a genuine link with the recipient.

In a world where we often group gatherings into the same stereotypical celebrations, our designs stand out by acknowledging the unique and varied experiences of life. We move fluidly through the seasons of the year and the shifts in our lives, offering well wishes that resonate deeply.

Our table centerpieces initiate “remember when,” “did you know,” or even a “yes, me as well!” that make the event even more memorable. By creating an environment where guests feel comfortable and encouraged to talk to one another, your customers are setting the stage for an enjoyable event. Leave a lasting impression on their hearts and mind.

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our 100% recycled cover stock, ensuring intentional manufacturing with sustainability in mind. As a small, woman-owned stationery shop, we take immense pride in the thoughtfulness and care that goes into each and every product we create.

We believe that our line will be a cherished addition to your store, providing your customers with a way to connect and celebrate the moments that matter most. Thank you for considering our collection, and we look forward to working with you.

Share moments in life everyday.



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