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By taking the time to infuse your wedding with personal touches that are meaningful to you and your partner, you'll create an unforgettable celebration that truly represents your love story. And as you plan out your perfect day, don't forget to keep your story at the forefront of your mind- after all, it's what makes your wedding day truly special. 

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Keeping your guests informed of any important events during the reception is incredibly helpful and you can add your own personal flair to the notifications.  Clue them in to times for your arrival, cocktails, the receiving line, pictures, when they can expect the meal service, after dinner coffee or treats, first dance and, of course, the cake cutting.  Think about elements of your story that you can include as a theme for any of these moments.  Whether it is colors, or your sense of humor, or something that relates to your school or work or hobbies, guests will love making the connections to your personalities and won’t want to miss out on any of the fun.  


You’ve spent hours planning this party and want your guests to enjoy the time with you. Let them know all the things - big or little - that they can take part in.  From games to a photo booth to special dances, give them a heads up for what they can look forward to with you.  Here’s a chance to make sure everyone plays your game by the same rules if your family is particularly competitive. Or if you have a Kissing Menu, state all the details clearly and with your own twist.   Don’t forget to give reminders for keepsakes you want their participation with, such as signing the guest book so they don’t get wrapped up in conversation and forget to leave a sweet message for you. Feel free to give instructions for taking home favors or centerpieces so that they get distributed how you hoped.


People are curious by nature, so why not address some of their questions up front about the menu or drink choices?  List out the courses you plan to serve or just highlight a few of the dishes from the buffet line they should be sure to taste.  Each family handles beverages slightly differently, so just let guests know how it works for your soiree. If you have a signature cocktail, they’ll enjoy the way you choose to advertise it to the crowd.

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Undoubtedly folks have spent time and energy celebrating you, so a genuine thank you for coming or publicly acknowledging any family or friends who made the day possible is a wonderful gesture. Honor those who cannot be with you but have made an impact on your life so others take a moment to remember them as well.  It will most likely take a bit to get thank you cards written for gift items, so don’t hesitate to help guests feel welcome, included, and appreciated in person while they’re with you.


There are so many places to include personal touches that highlight you and your partner throughout your celebration.  When you share your story with those attending you help spark conversations and draw guests in to develop meaningful connections with you and each other. This makes your event especially memorable for all those involved.

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